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A corset is a form-fitting undergarment or outerwear garment designed to shape and support the torso, particularly the waist and bust. Traditionally, corsets were made with a strong yet flexible boning material, often made from steel or whalebone, to create a rigid structure. However, modern corsets typically use plastic or steel boning to provide shaping and support.

The primary purpose of a corset is to cinch the waist, creating an hourglass figure by emphasizing a smaller waistline while supporting the bust. Corsets are known for their tight-lacing mechanism, achieved by lacing up the back or front with ribbons or laces, allowing the wearer to adjust the tightness according to their preference.

Corsets can vary in style, from the classic Victorian-inspired designs to more contemporary and fashion-forward variations. They come in different lengths, including overbust corsets that cover the bust and underbust corsets that start just under the bust. Some corsets extend down to the hips, while others are shorter and focus primarily on the waist.

Historically, corsets were worn as undergarments to provide proper posture, support the bust, and create a fashionable silhouette. In modern times, corsets have evolved into a versatile fashion item. While some people still wear them for waist training or support, others use them as stylish outerwear, incorporating them into fashion-forward looks.

Corsets are often made from a variety of materials, including satin, lace, leather, and more, offering a wide range of options for different tastes and occasions. They are popular choices for period costumes, burlesque performances, and fashion-forward outfits, adding a touch of glamour and drama to the wearer's ensemble.
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